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NMPW Polo Shirt NMPW canteen Heritage pewter ww2
Rosie The Riveter "Bling" Tote Bag Morning Thunder autographed by President GHW Bush
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Morning Thunder  Robert Taylor  president GH Bush
NMPW Logo Travel Mug from Heritage Pewter WWII Monopoly Game
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Celebrate Nimitz' Statue Unveliling

Admiral Nimitz Statuette

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Admiral Chester Nimitz Statue
12" reproduction resin statuette of Admiral Chester Nimitz by Rip Caswell, one of America’s preeminent bronze sculptors. Caswell’s artworks can be found in public spaces and private collections throughout the United States and abroad, including New York, Washington DC and England. The 8' bronze sculpture now stands in Nimitz Platz at the National Museum of the Pacific War.

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